Benefits Of Having 9apps Play Store On Your Device

In the modern era, almost all the people spend most of their time on their mobile phone. Actually, it is worth to mention that the mobile phone becomes a necessary part of everyone life. Whenever you need to download an app or game in your device, you need to take help from the Google play store. It is because Google play store provides a space to download top rated application safely. However, you need to pay something to get access to your desire app premium version. In this case, people look for some better alternative for Google play store. This is where 9apps play store comes into handy.

9apps: Must have application in everyone’s device

In 2013, 9apps released by the Alibaba group and gained more popularity throughout the world since its inception. So far, over 20million apps and games are downloaded regularly from 9apps apk. Even though 9apps is a young competitor to Google play store, it still managed to obtain huge popularity and traction among the android community. Plenty of other app stores available in the market but no can beat 9apps because it is a specially designed app store, which fulfills all the games and apps requirement of the user. Since 9apps Apk download gives the freedom of download and installs any application quickly, users can save their money and time.

Interesting features of 9apps

9apps is the platform where the software can be easily shared with the end users. This application has catered the needs of both app developers and customers. Alongside, it offers several extraordinary opportunities for the monetization for the app developers. Below mentioned are the features, which has turned out 9apps as the great app store, which fulfill the needs of any user.

Small app size – This app store is extremely small in size when compared to its competitor, Google play store. It obtains more than hundreds of megabytes of the size. Even after the installation is done, Google play usually keeps the entire installation package, which consumes more phone memory space. This is not the case with the 9apps as the application packages are completely deleted once the installation completed. This assists you save more space on your device.

The wide range of apps and content – 9apps has different types of applications in thewidest range of categories, which are often deleted from other app stores. Additionally, it can unblock some apps, which are unable to access from other application stores due to many reasons. Probably, it has all the essential apps and a huge collection of ringtones, music, stickers, and ringtones. This app store also offers free coupons and discount vouchers by partnering with Uber and Amazon.

Outstanding download manager9apps fast download is one of the best download managers as compared to Google play store. You can able put your pending downloading in the queue and pause or resume. This will turn out to be lighting fast download manager in the market. The mirror server based on your geographical location will connect to improve the download speed.

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